Wednesday, July 16, 2008

NYC, here I come!

In less than two days, I will board a plane headed to the Big Apple for 3.5 days of no work, baseball watching, and most importantly, FOOD. I have a little agreement with my Atheletic's fan traveling companion that I'll pick up the food tab in exchange for him picking up the baseball. Now, if you didn't know me, you might think he's getting the short end of the deal. After all, Subway three times a day can't add up to THAT much, can it?

If I could stomach that much food monotony, no doubt that ChuThis would never have been created. Three days is hardly enough time to even scratch the surface of all the restaurants and food related places I want to visit. My list of places to try in NYC that I've collected over the years is so overwhelming that it's been agonizing to eliminate them one by one to determine our eating itinerary (although the difficulty of getting a reservation at some of these places certainly trimmed the list down quickly). Yes, this trip revolves around food (and baseball).

I must admit that I'm a little hesitant to post my dining choices for the whole blogosphere to critique and comment on since I'm sure everyone has their favorites and not-so-favorites and I'm bound to hit some disagreement, but why else have a food blog?

A couple disclaimers before getting to the list - 1. Many of my top choices were almost impossible to get reservations (i.e. Per Se, Babbo, etc.) 2. 7pm and 1pm baseball games eliminate several meals

So, without further babbling, I'll be dining at...

Friday dinner - Yakitori Totto
Saturday brunch - The Spotted Pig
Saturday dinner - Eleven Madison Park
Sunday brunch - Prune
Sunday dinner - Union Square Cafe
Monday lunch - Hop Kee (My parents went on a date here many, many years ago. How can I not drop by?)

Here's your opportunity to chime in! What are your favorite go-to restaurants in NYC? If you haven't been to NYC, where have you always wanted to go?

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Ted said...

Let me know what you like! Sandy and I will be in NYC for two days at the end of this month.