Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Changes ahead

Change is a funny thing.  As a consultant, part of my job is to change the way people do their job by bringing in this newer (and hopefully better) software.  They tend to despise these change and are usually quite reluctant to learn the new software and new ways of doing their every day jobs.  Our job is to help facilitate the change, so you'd think that being a proponent of change, I'd be more open to change myself.  Yet, it seems that's not always quite how it works.

Even the changes that I am proud of making, looking back, I realize I may have also been slow and reluctant to make the change, just like our clients.  Ten years ago, I couldn't have imagined caring where or how my food was grown.  Eating seasonally and locally wasn't even a blip on my radar.  Heck, I would have been happy eating cheesecake 24/7 (and with a high schooler's metabolism, could probably have gotten away with it).  Fast forward to today and these things influence not only my grocery shopping habits, but also my restaurant choices.  It was a slow, gradual process, but ultimately, I'm happy with where I am now in this regard.

Today, I made, a change that I hope will bring about a happier, healthier me.  I'll be off the road (for the most part) and able to live and work in the City, something I have missed out on for the past four years.  The past has provided me opportunities to eat at some amazing restaurants while limiting the amount I could cook at home, so this blog has mainly (unintentionally) revolved around fine dining experiences.  With this change, I hope to be able to cook healthy, seasonal meals most days...which should also re-focus this blog on the same.

And while some things change, other things don't.  Today marks the 7th year since my brother's death.  I miss him just as much today, if not more, than I did then.  It's funny because often times the happiest moments bring about the saddest feelings when I realize he isn't here to share in the excitement.  Perhaps a big bowl of pho is in order...I miss you lil' bro.