Monday, March 10, 2008

Conquered tomatoes!

Slowly but surely I'm overcoming my food dislikes. First, it was avocadoes (yes, I know, how could I hate avocados?). Now tomatoes, thanks to some delicious caprese from a restaurant I can't remember.

It's not quite tomato season, but while Mom was visiting, we ventured over to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building. A small crowd was gathered around one of the stalls and once we (politely) shoved our way to the front, we saw why. Maybe it was the grumble in our tummies, maybe it was the delightful sunny SF day, but the tomatoes were gorgeous and irresistible.

Early the following week, a quick trip to Whole Foods produced a little mozzarella and basil from Whole Foods to make for a quick, light and tasty dinner.

Link love:
Caprese from Tea and Cookies

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tonyleachsf said...

one of my favorite dishes ever...