Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two forks please?

Satura Cakes is a Japanese/French bakery in Palo Alto that I've heard SO much about from VMware co-workers. I finally ventured over there during lunch today and walked into the most heavenly smelling store. My thoughts went something like this...

"Oooh, tiramisu, yum...oh wait, strawberry shortcake! No, I want the mango parfait, wait, no the cream puff! Ahhh!

Ok, I haven't had lunch yet, so this can be my lunch. I'd like one of each please. Ok, Christine, get a hold of yourself. What's this...a sampler?! Perfect!"

I preceeded to order a sampler, which came with a strawberry shortcake, chocolate cake, mango parfait and cream puff in this cute little orange box labeled "Never Another Ordinary Bite." Then came the kicker from the waitress.

"How many forks would you like?"

Gulp. Do I admit I'm going to gorge myself on cake today? Or stealthily lie and say I'm sharing with lots of people at the office.

"2 forks please."

Note: I had to borrow a coworkers phone to take this picture. He now (reasonably) thinks I'm certifiably insane.

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