Friday, January 25, 2008

Mysterious Thursdays

A little week until Super Sunday and my fridge looks like I tried to cram a farm into it, which come to think of it, is essentially what I've done. Yesterday was my first Mysterious Thursday with Marquita Farms. A week prior, I sent an email reserving my box. We exchange cell numbers. I make a withdrawal from the bank. I pull up to the back of the restaurant on a dark rainy night, cash and vegetables are exchanged and I'm on my (cold and slightly damp) merry way. Finally, at home, I examined my bounty:

- Baby Carrots

- Red Carrots
- Parsley Root

- Tatsoi

- Celery Root

- Potatoes

- Little Gem Lettuces
- Romanesco

- Sibley Winter Squash

- Puntarelle

- Escarole

I'll admit - I had to do some research online just be able to match the list to the vegetables. The roommate and the boy just shook their heads in amazement at my craziness, although boy DID admit it sure tasted better fresh. I have my work cut out for me - I must consume all these vegetables in the next 5 or 6 days (minus three for the Tahoe trip) so I can prep for Super Sunday.

If this works out, I may give in and subscribe to Two Small Farms' CSA, something I've been dying to try out, but had a hard time justifying with a consulting gig that you never know where you could end up. This could also help me towards my goal of using local and seasonal ingredients, cooking more often and healthier, and saving money by bringing lunch to work (aka leftovers).

Being unfamiliar with many of the vegetables, I welcome any recipes or suggestions! Or a friendly volunteer to come over for dinner :)

What I'm thinking of trying:

Tatsoi and Warm Scallop Salad with Spicy Pecan Praline from Gourmet
How to prepare puntarelle
Puntarelle from Becks and Posh
Moroccan Baby Carrot Salad from 101 Cookbooks
Celery Root and Potato Mash with Horseradish from Tyler Florence
Escalore and Pine Nuts from Mario Batali
Braised Escarole with Garlic and Lemon from Tyler Florence
Escarole and Bean Soup from Giada

P.S. Current pictures courtesy of Marquita Farms. My own to come as I use the vegetables.

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tonyleachsf said...

Yeah I was kinda wondering how you managed to take all those pictures in your city apartment, haha... Cheater!